Juliet's Caves

"Entering the heart of the hill under the magical Juliet's castle to discover her treasure. A unique and fascinating experience to learn how Romeo and Juliet's sparkling wine is born."

The caves and their thousand misteries, cold and dark hollow places underground reigned by silence and the unreal mysterious time perception which seems to have stopped. Juliet's caves lie under the castle, they were a precious raw materials source for Andrea Palladio's magnificent works, they still keep an invaluable treasure, "Juliet's treasure". A grapes nectar which we wanted to hide and protect until it is ready to express itself in its best way. A soft balanced wine with its peculiar bouquet given by an incomparable aging process in a fascinating environment. Hence the unequalled personality of our Metodo Classico wines: a treasure to be discovered in a flute.

Le Grotte di Giulietta grotte2_7_1.jpg (Art. corrente, Pag. 1, Foto normale)

The winery caves, known as Juliet's caves, date back to the extraction of "soft stone" or "Vicenza stone", a valuable building material, which was used for monumental buildings especially by Andrea Palladio in XVI century.
The origin of the caves is connected to the building of the castles erected in Roman times, modified in various periods with military and defensive purposes. The first documented news about their presence dates back to 1231. In the writings of the times, referring to Pusterla Bridge in Vicenza, it is stated that "it was stone built, and the community of Montecchio Maggiore due to a certain offence was obliged to give and bring all the necessary stones to build the bridge".

Le Grotte di Giulietta grotte3_7_1.jpg (Art. corrente, Pag. 1, Foto normale)

The caves have been restored after a long state of neglect and are now used for didactic visits and as a winecellar. The caves lying under Romeo and Juliet's castles have natural climatic conditions: temperature (10-12 grades constantly), humidity, light, ventilation which are optimal for the aging of our sparkling wines enhancing them by adding exceptional quality characteristics. In some deeper places (25 metres below the ground level) we keep our original cuvées with aging on lees for more than twenty years.